Liposuction is recommended for people who have developed fat deposits on certain areas of the body that cannot be shifted with diet or exercise. Although the results of liposuction are positively striking and last long, the procedure is not meant for overweight people as a general weight loss tool.
Fatty tissue deposits most frequently on the lower and upper abdomen, the inner and outer thigh area, on the knees, the back of the neck and under the chin (so-called double chin). Excess fatty tissue is efficiently removed during liposuction, making the patient look slimmer. As the body does not generate new fat cells, the patient can maintain the good appearance for a long time with sufficient physical exercise and healthy eating.
We use the Water-Jet liposuction apparatus. We are dealing here with a suction-assisted fat removal equipment of the newest generation, enabling performance of operation traumatising the tissues to a lesser extent.

Is liposuction what I need?

  • Yes, I am noticeably overweight.
  • Yes, I have excess fatty tissue on certain areas of my body that I cannot shift with exercise.
  • Yes, I want to look slimmer and prettier.

If you have decided to have liposuction, please come for a consultation with our specialist, where we will discuss your request – where to perform liposuction and how much fat to remove, how elastic is your skin and what are the results you can expect.
During the consultation, which lasts about an hour, the doctor will give you a detailed description of what happens before and after the surgery as well as the surgery itself. We will take the necessary tests, ask you about your health and habits, and answer all of your questions. It is important for us to know about your allergies, smoking and other health-related habits.

Liposuction surgery

The duration of liposuction surgery depends on whether we remove fatty tissue from one or several areas. This will determine whether the surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia. The surgery generally lasts for two hours.
The area(s) of your body on which the surgery will be performed will be marked as a drawing immediately before the liposuction to give you a better overview of the expected final result. As liposuction may be performed on several areas of the body at the same time, then the total amount of fat removed from your body during the surgery may be 0.5 to 6 litres.
You will be kept in hospital overnight if liposuction is performed on several parts of your body. The surgeon will examine you the next day and give you a personal aftercare program before discharging you from the clinic. The surgeon will discharge you on the same day if liposuction was performed on just one area of the body and your condition after the surgery is good.
Some pain in the areas on which surgery was performed is normal and you will be given painkillers if necessary. Although people have a different tolerance for pain, our patients usually don’t need painkillers for more than two days.

Wound care

The areas where incisions were made will be sensitive after the surgery, but this will disappear in a couple of weeks.
The wounds should be kept as dry as possible and covered with sterile bandages for a week. We advise you to wear supporting compression clothes for 3 to 6 weeks after surgery to achieve a better final result and make the wounds heal faster.
We don’t advise you to stretch the scars, lift heavy items, exercise vigorously or go to the sauna for a couple of months after the surgery. You should also abstain from sexual activity in the first weeks. Although vigorous exercise is not advisable, moderate physical exercise helps improve circulation and speed up recovery.
Smoking causes wounds to heal considerably slower, which is why we advise you to quit smoking for at least a month before and after the surgery.

Scar care

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make incisions without leaving scars, but the scars that look dark at first will fade and become less noticeable in time. We advise using the wound gels available in pharmacies to accelerate healing. Use silicone bandages, which are also sold in pharmacies, to avoid keloid.
We advise you to protect yourself from direct sunlight for a couple of months after the surgery, because the influence of sun radiation on the skin pigment may turn the scar darker and more noticeable.

Final result

 Although the first results are immediately visible to the eye after the removal of excess fatty tissue deposits, the final recovery of the areas on which surgery was performed will take 6 to 12 months.
The most positive side of liposuction is that it's permanent, as the body does not generate new fat cells. You look younger, healthier and slimmer. However, we advise avoiding big changes in weight, as it may make the surface of the body uneven and the results of liposuction less permanent.



"Brilliant job, so happy with the result and everyone is so helpful. Wouldn't have gone anywhere else. Only 3 months from liposuction operation and I'm over the moon."

Anita (45), from Sweden 

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